Unable to connect to pvp server lol mac

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League of Legends ping issues, how to fix them?

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Other benefits of registering an account are subscribing to topics and forums, creating a blog, and having no ads shown anywhere on the site. Click here to Register a free account now! Started by helpmecomputer , Nov 26 Please log in to reply. Here's a picture: This isn't only a browser issue , however. I've also been having problems connecting to lots of applications on my computer like Windows OneDrive and online games like League of Legends more on that below. I was wondering how I can fix this issue.

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Creative Director: Billy Candela, Senior Copywriter: Sergio Romano, Senior Marketing Associate: Mina Tavakoli. PJ Richardson, Managing Director: But I'm a networking newbie - is what I'm trying correct? I don't have the eve client here so can't test connection directly, but pinging Eve at Can I ping the specific port, ie or ? Does ping just use port 80? Am I likely to be able to connect? Edge of Chaos Fan. Nic Otine Vairu'len Pilgrims.

Marcus Aurelius "The universe is in change, life is an opinion" Originally by: Brigitte S. Not only could i not log onto EVE but also wow cant connect anymore??? Seriouisly What do i do plz help Regards. Tempus Fugitive Science and Trade Institute. This sucks Loschey Teg. Jaabaa Minmatar Dental Drilling Corporation.

Hope this helps. No one owns a port number. The reason the Internet Assigned Number Authority IANA used to publish a list of port numbers had to do with the concept of a "well-known port number" as a facilitator of communication between parties who have never communicated before you, for instance, and some web server. Otherwise, even if you were able to translate www.

The establishment of "well-known port numbers" by IANA solved that. Web service using HTTP became known to generally operate at port And thus a whole long list of well-known port numbers evolved. Note that a well-known port number is only useful where the communicating parties have no prior communication by which to agree on a port number.

A game, whose server only receives connections from the game clients it distributes, has little need for a well-known port number. The downloaded or CD client already knows the IP address and port number to which to connect. It is useful if lots of people want to connect to www. Nothing is accomplished by having or any other port number "assigned" for use by Quake or Eve or any other game software if the game clients are delivered already knowing the port number to connect to at their respective servers.

Nor does it matter if different games use the same port number. Port numbers are like telephone extension numbers. A million companies can all have, say, extension , and there is no interference whatsoever between them. Any of the ISPs who believe they are accomplishing something by blocking or regulating or shaping traffic on connections established to port at the Eve cluster IP address is fooling themselves and causing a lot of trouble for a lot of people needlessly. The Eve connection is NOT high-bandwidth. Maybe in the early days of MMOGs there was heavy traffic, and some games may still generate heavy traffic, but in a game like Eve all the heavy lifting is done at and by the client, not by sending gobs of information back and forth.

When you rotate your view in space, it is your client doing that. The server either doesn't care, or will only care at some later time when you do something, or will only care when you stop the rotation. In any of those cases, the client only needs to send a bare few bytes to the server to tell it your new viewpoint orientation. A few bytes. When you're flying you might think the server has to send all manner of data for the objects you are passing, but no.

The client does that on the basis of concise descriptions of the objects near you and their locations and orientations. The images of the objects are retrieved from the server just once, then cached. Your mining lasers, your weapons effects, the enemy exploding, all of those are managed and presented locally by the client, with very little information exchanged with the server.

In Windows you can see this by launching Task Manager and selecting the networking tab. Do that and open the Char Sheet or the Market and pull up some prices. Undock and fly around, or kill some rats. You will be surprised at how little data goes back and forth. If CCP can shave one byte per second from the average client traffic, it saves them , bytes per second on their Internet feed. Concise traffic makes Eve possible. ISPs who think Eve could have an effect on their networks are stupid. Anyone doing high-speed Web surfing can generate far more traffic than Eve ever generates.

On the subject of the Eve login screen being unable to connect: You should be aware that the Eve login program has long had a bug that causes it to forget the Eve IP address under abnormal conditions such as a disconnect.

Thanks for your support!

Hey guys i have recently got this error when trying to log into League ' Connection Failure: Unable to connect to the exylihydyhys.ml server' I spent the. As of this morning, I have been unable to log onto any of my accounts on league, getting the message "Connection Failure: Unable to connect.

If you try to reuse the one that just failed, it will likely claim to be unable to connect and will suggest you enter the correct IP address which, of course, you can't. The Eve login screen application also has or at least certainly did have, before Trinity an inexplicable timeout. If you dilly-dally too long, it will not work. If you take too long at the char selection screen, it will not work. So the general rule should be that if you have ANY difficulty with the login, close it and launch a new one.

This is particularly true if you are experimenting with alternative port numbers. Close it and relaunch. Note that malfunctions such as those described above can make a terrible confusion out of things like the present topic of connecting via an alternative port number. You try to connect and can't, you make a change and try again to connect and can't, you make another change If all but the first result were lies because the login program forgot CCP's IP address, you have just gone in circles and been misled. Perhaps some of your changes would have worked had you launched a fresh Eve login.

Captain FletcherMiles. Makes me teary eyed. Started happening last night. I have followed CCP instructions regarding new port number, but this doesn't give me an option box to open. Come on CCP, get ya finger out, many people can't connect. Litlle Shadow. Tjololo Same for me. Come on CCP, get ya finger out, many people can't connect Same with me i was ok at eve time now i cant log in: Kann Du. Ken Kintano Edited by: Just got off the phone with NTL tech support. First the guy said that as long as I can watch websites and check my emails they are keeping to their part of the deal. Of course I told them that when I was thinking about getting their service I specifically asked about online gaming and the sales person said that their service is great for that.

So he checked with his supervisor and apparently this problem has been reported already several times what a surprise so they are checking it at the moment. He said he would get back to me by the end of the day with an update on how things are going. Lets see if they keep to that promise. I am not getting my hopes up though because they have said they would call before and then they just dont.

Anyways I will post here if they call me. Hey Ken, did they ever get back to you? I'll be phoning in the morning, now i know what the issue is. I'm also from Dublin and using NTL. I didn't have any issues when i was over in Canada and to come home to this farce is a pain. Ridley Tree The Black Rabbits. Changed the prefs. Also changed the prefs. Neither altered the login screen. Changed the port manually and that didn't do anything. Went to reboot, canceled the reboot. Tried again. It works. Lucky timing? A Basic Course. Jezter Nightfall. I have tried to use the Http Tunnel.

I have tried all kinds of different ports. Every time I go to log in it tells me "Could not connect to the specified address.

League Of Legends Unable to connect to the exylihydyhys.ml Error Fix

Could anybody please help out. Must be ISP problem????? Gomoorr Sodom.

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I'm using XP. Not sure if someone's already encountered this, but after I changed the networkAdvanced from 0 to 1, it didn't provide me with a PORT option on the logon screen. Yes, I restarted the client! Any idea why that's the case? Gats Celestial Apocalypse Insurgency. Open your pref. For those using HTTP tunnel and dont get the port window. Make shortcut of your eve. Gats For those that dont get the port window after changing networkAdvanced to 1. Talsworthy Gallente 40 Comm. I'm with Pipex and resubbed with Eve yesterday. I can't get in using port at all. Port gets me authenticating and then the process times out with the handshaking error.

I managed to finally get in at 11pm last night but now I can't get in. My view is the Eve support team have got to get involved in this - we can tell the ISP there is an issue but Eve has to create some form of test process to allow information to be passed to the isp that will be of use. Alternatively they could setup some ports that actually work. This is the only game that doesn't work for me.

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I'll perseve till the end of my renewal then i'll hang up my wings. Tals Talsworthy No current corp - always looking. Talsworthy That is a good post. Tals I think Tiscali own Pipex now so thats why get same problem as me: Please resize image to a maximum of x , not exceeding bytes, ty. TheBox I'm with Pipex and resubbed with Eve yesterday.

I'm with Pipex too; I was getting some drop out and connection problems at about Talsworthy I think Tiscali own Pipex now so thats why get same problem as me: Yup - from the bottom of the Pipex customer service page: Jack TheSlayer. Peak time 4: Pipex have gone down the sewer. I wouldnt mind if I was a heavy downloader but I only use my connection to play Eve, browse and email.


I'd change ISP in a heartbeat if i wasnt locked into a 12month contract. Math Wrath. Melara Mindstar Technology. Math Wrath Quick question, I follwed instructions and changed this setting in the prefs. Read up m8y: WoW port won't even work: S Specifically, if you're like me using tunneling software I simply use Putty and my home SSH server I required the following lines: Setana Manoro Gallente Firefly Inc.

Tiscali SUCK: Glane Sardar. I will send you a document that will resolve the issue. I said Permission Denied This answer is no longer available. Juuuuuuuuuuuust great! Meh, I know there's a solution, now if we can just find the chap who's hiing it. Omac Krell. So UPC has in 1 little sentance passed the buck and left me out in the cold. I am forced to say bye bye to Eve. Oh and if anyone asks for my stuff.

U could have it if I bloody well could log on to give it to u: P Have fun all.

Von Krieg. Alot of people playing Tabula Rasa are having the same issuses, playNC even say that they're having alot of trouble. The problem seems related to a routing issue of the ISP or other involved carriers. Unfortunately there is nothing we can do about this in particular. Most of such issues are temporary, but if your problem persists, please contact your provider about this issue. Quake Wars was having the same issue so ID decided to gather information to slap Chello about a bit to get it fixed. PlayNC Support Appart for the game you are mentionning there's no online gaming company doing so.

Von Krieg Forgot to post with main: Seems like I can log into eve, sit idle for a long time but then after a few minutes of doing things in station I click to market and then it stops everything game is not frozen meaning I can't go into assets, bio, evemail, anything a few minutes go by and I get disconnected.

I've tried the port work around describe here but nothing changes on the splash screen. This is what I do; Open up command prompt type ping www. I starter playing EVE with my two friends, and both now are quitting because of the problem described in posts above: I hope that this problem will be addressed by CCP, because it causes people to actually hate the game.

Do something please! Neither changing port, nor pinging in the background doesn't help. I have same problems, getting DCed every 2 minutes.. Weer Treyt. Lots of disconnects on the weekend, even though every other online application was working fine. Adrianna Aa. S anymore of you from germany having sh.

Roland Miller. Funny thing is though I can't even play the waste of my time and money. I have tried changing the port like this FIX said but like many other users it simply dose not work. They are about as shatty as people make CCP out to be. But this problem has only been recent, recent in a sense that I have just bought the game. Will be looking for Updates on a Solution. Mr Li The Graduates. Vek Kaios. Theres also, as mentioned, no way to adjust your connection settings within title screen of the game.

I'm very frustrated and would like to just start playing this game without hassle. Everything was fine until the new patch came up. Now I can't even connect, and the network advanced suggestion doesn't show a port option. The error message says that either I do not have an internet connection which I do, right now , or the server is down which it is not currently or I am connecting to the wrong port. Vek Kaios I just made a new topic about my issues with no response, and seeing a lack of helpful information, or the ability to even start playing it, I'm disinclined to purchase this game beyond a free trial period, and am thoroughly disappointed thus far.

I had the same problem. Nowhere in the described paths was a prefs. I have no clue why that is so, but mine is there Riset Eve Mining Emporium. I still disconnect every minutes. Riset I tried this and got no port box on the start up screen or anywhere else. Well at least you get minutes. I can't eve sometimes get fully logged in b4 I get booted. I had to buy anew router and now I can't connect.

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I did the change and no port box option and I can see no reponce from this in last 3 weeks so have no idea why I'm posting but out of pure frustration. Cheap mans Siggy Catamarack: Nem, your momma's so fat, BoB thought she was a region and claimed her. Inacurate Caldari. I get disconnected every minutes, but my girlfriend does not?? We both just installed the Demo through Steam. I play half a dozen multi-player games and have had my issues over the years connecting or staying connected, but this one takes the cake!

I have opened port , still can't stay connected. I tried using but after editing the prefs. I am so disappointed at the moment that I can not figure this out and that I am having the same issues as others, yet have a PC that can connect using the same ISP and router as myself. There should be a value called Port in the prefs. Its different than what is said in this thread, but changing the Port value from to worked for me. I guess they changed it and didn't inform us in this thread.

Fuhtler Wolf Pack Samurai. Than I found this thread and started using port and everything was going well Till new patch. Probably no one has any solution but, at last, can somebody tell me in what exactly is the problem and when it will be fixed? Pariah Ptah. Hopefully they fix this with the new patch on Tuesday as at the moment I haven't even been able to login to EVE to do anything.

Tried changing the port number in prefs. Changed the port number back to , and I can get to the log in screen at least but still cant stay on for longer than a minute if at all. Will be canceling my account if not resolved soon.

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I also tried port 80 and the same result Status: CCP Wrangler C: December 8, at I don't necessarely agree with that, but there could be improvements made to the inventory system overall. According to users, sometimes your firewall might block League of Legends by accident causing the issue to occur. Thank you very much for your article.

Nirvana Dest. I still get Server status unknown. Where, exactly does this port option appear? I also tried changing the Prefs. I also tried port 80 and the same result Status: I can log on occasionally at 3 am and at 7 am, but thats it. When changing port number on the pref. Any chance to open another port?