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Huawei E160G support. Part three of the problem, assuming you have loaded the connection manager, the hardware driver and you know the dongle is working, is to gain access to the network your dongle talks to. This means you need to buy a plan from the network provider. For a payment to them, they will allow your dongle to send data up to their satellite and bring data down to your dongle from their satellite connection.

Speeds vary and there is a noticable delay when using the 3G dongle as each email, mouse-click or browse on your system requires the request to go up to the satellite, down to their base station, into the internet backbone, to the destination, and any reply would arrive in your system via the same route.

How to Clean Install Mac OS X Lion Using a USB Flash Drive

All this too-ing and fro-ing takes time, hence the slower speeds of service. This rate is possible but may bankrupt your account rather quickly unless you have an unlimited plan. My thanks to Sam Moffatt at: If you go to the bother, you will be able to see folders like this:. Following his directions, i was able to setup my Macbook to use my old O2 dongle.

As i am in France, i will need to visit the local Orange France Telecom office to buy a plan. More anon. To get around problems with this WordPress blog, i have uploaded the zip file you need here but i had to change the end of the file name to add. JPG at the end of it.

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If you choose to download this zip file, you must remove the. Also if you have an Apple, here is a great link to understanding mac apps, packages and bundles: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Update 2: From Simon Hilton in the comments: Man, thank you so much! Thanks a ton Sam.

huawei mobile connect os x snow leopard

Your detailed step wise solution, has saved all the trouble for me. I was running pillar to post for the past 2 days and both Apple and Reliance said NO. Reliance is the most unreliable organization, as they intend only to sell their products, after putting their customers in trouble.

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They said clearly that you have to buy a new product. I said then why Reliance, I will buy anything except Reliance then. Now that you have helped me overcome this problem, I will continue with the product as long it works. Thanks again Sam. Best wishes. None of the above works for me. I have had these problems since upgrading to Mountain Lion on my old Macbook Pro.

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I have huawei e, can I use mobile partner for android ICS n which version? Proudly powered by WordPress. Knowledge Base. Recommend to version Excellent blog and cuts out the bloatware.

Now I have a MacBook Air running Mavericks and an Eu dongle for the last 18 months I have downloaded drivers from all suggested sites and tried to install them. The installed ones do not work. I have just about given up now. My solution is to get a mobile router.

I use a TP-Link one. I can power it from the USB and simply plug the dongle into it. It works fine wherever I am in the world. How to get it displayed in preferences? I need help from you. I have Apple iBook G4. I wanted to install fresh copy of Windows 7 but even it failed to Boot from Cd rom. If i download it, there is no any way to install it.

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I am waiting to read from you soon please. Thank you very much sir.

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It worked for me.. I can now use photon plus on mac. Thank you once again. Thank you!

huawei mobile connect os x snow leopard

It is an issue with the new Lion kernel, which is all 64bit, and the the Huawei Universal Mac Package Driver Download and install it;. Getting your Huawei modem working with Mac OS X Lion plugged in my Huawei E into my Mac it was detected and worked perfectly fine.

I used this method about 2 years ago on Excellent blog and cuts out the bloatware. Thank you so much. I guess it is their gimmick to get me to change to another package.