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FireWire Vs USB: Which Is Faster? In the reading tests, however, the edge went to USB, which was nine percent faster than FireWire Using the same hard drive, but connected to our Mac Pro, we found the FireWire connection to be 19 percent faster than the USB on the copy to the external drive, 21 percent faster on both the duplication test and the copy files test, and exactly the same in terms of performance difference on the AJA read and write tests as with the MacBook Pro.

The My Book tested on the Mac Pro showed the FireWire connection to be 48 percent faster than USB at copying the file to the external drive, 54 percent faster duplicating the file, and 49 percent faster copying over our files and folders.

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The AJA write tests showed the connection writing twice as many megabytes per second as the USB connection, and 49 percent faster reading. We also tested a zippy little Verbatim portable drive, which was 23 percent faster than USB in the copy to external test on the MacBook Pro, 21 percent faster at the duplication test, 14 percent faster on the file copy test, 42 percent faster on the AJA write throughput, and 8 percent faster on the AJA read throughput.

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Connected via FireWire , we saw FireWire speeds 42 percent faster than USB at our copy to external test, 55 percent faster on our duplication test, 32 percent faster in the files test, and two times faster in the AJA read and write scores. Connected to the FireWire port, the Verbatim was 47 percent faster at our copy to test than when connected over USB.

It was 49 percent faster than USB in our duplication tests, 44 percent faster in our file copy test and again, twice as fast as USB in both the read and write tests we ran using AJA's System Test software. From our speed tests, it's safe to say that Apple made the right choice switching to FireWire from FireWire on many Mac models. FireWire is a pretty good choice too in most cases, but it's modest speed advantage might not be enough to warrant paying extra for. Calculate Shipping.

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Add to Cart. Updated Model Available. Top Highlights 1 x USB 3. Calculate Shipping asaqbasty. Special Order Expected availability: Any advertised discounts or savings will still apply. Top Highlights USB 3. This item is noncancelable and nonreturnable. Back to top. For hard drive transfer speeds, USB 3. You can purchase the enclosure now to future-proof your drive investment.

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What if you have a bevy of external FireWire hard drives? That situation is not uncommon with video professionals. Depending on the NAS device's firmware, you may be able to just insert your drives and access them individually over Ethernet.

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Keep up with key Apple technologies with the Technology: More Less. In its place is Apple's latest peripheral connector, USB 3. Would it be better to simply buy a case with a fan and harddrive seperately? Egibney Question: Fully wiped and pre-formated for use with an Apple Mac computer. Best Offer.

Alternatively, you may have to buy one initial hard drive to migrate your existing drives one at a time into the NAS, adding your drives to the NAS array as you go. For other FireWire devices, you will have to get more creative. One approach could be to use an intermediary device, such as a powered FireWire hard drive, to bridge between Apple's underpowered adapter and your FireWire device. The adapter supports full FireWire performance.

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Results 1 - 48 of 1x USB and 2x Firewire connectors per hard drive (see .. GB UltraMax Hard Drive FireWire / & USB , for Mac / PC. G-Technology 2TB G-DRIVE mobile USB-C Portable Hard Drive. $ LaCie 2TB Bolt3 Thunderbolt 3 + USB-C Professional SSD Storage. $1,

One downside with this approach is the number of interconnects and the need to carry and manage multiple devices and cables. One loose connection can break the setup, making the solution workable but less than desirable. Out of options: Thunderbolt or USB 3. For hard disks this isn't so painful, because drive prices have plummeted over the past few years. You'll still have the labor of transferring your data to the new drive, too.

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Other devices may be harder to replace given the expense and the time and effort to work a new product into your production environment.