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Mac Compatible Dental Software

But which ones are really worth your money, and how do they compare with one another? To help you answer these important questions, we put together this exhaustive, unbiased list of the best and most popular dental practice management software suites out there. Exclusive Download: Not every feature of each piece of software will be important or necessary for your practice.

While we give a thorough list of features, be sure to do your research so you can determine your most important criteria. However, some key things to look for in general are HIPAA compliance , good customer support, and a free demo so you can check it out before you buy.

Dental Practice Management Software Buying Guide

Most dental PM software will have features like billing, scheduling, charting, and electronic dental health records. Some software will also have digital imaging or will integrate with other dental imaging programs. Another important thing to pay attention to is whether the software is cloud-based accessed via the internet or proprietary installed on your own on-premises server. With cloud software services, there is usually less of a commitment or investment required, as they are typically billed on a month-to-month subscription basis.

The current trend is toward more cloud-based dental practice management software and mobile systems that will let you access the software via iPads and other internet-connected mobile devices. Reviewers of the software service praise the responsive customer service and intuitive interface, as well as the ability to use the service on any operating system or browser. Note that there are several different types of packages offered; different features are offered under different packages.

Curve Dental is an excellent cloud-based dental practice management software solution, with a number of easy-to-use features, responsive customer support, an informative website, and a sense of humor to boot. They are very upfront about what you get and allow you to pay as you go. In addition to all the traditional dental PM features, you get cloud-based data backup and mobile access as well.

Dentrix prides itself on being the most popular dental PM software company in North America. Certainly, Dentrix is a trusted name in dental practice management technology. Dentrix was founded in , and while Henry Schein acquired them in , many of the original founders are still with the company. Though Dentrix is among the more expensive solutions, it has one of the largest feature sets. As a result, there is a steep learning curve. Dentrix is an on-premises solution that will be built specifically for your dental practice. Dentrix is the most popular dental practice management software.

If you want a traditional dental PM software and do not require the flexibility of cloud-based dental practice management software, Dentrix is a solid, fully-fledged PM option that has withstood the test of time — they've been around for 30 years. It will be a major investment in terms of both money and the time required to learn it, but you know you will receive a trusted, quality product for your money.

A newer dental PM service introduced in , Dentrix Ascend is a fully cloud-based Dentrix offering. Note that it is a separate product and is not compatible with traditional Dentrix. Dentrix Ascend is a cloud-based alternative to regular Dentrix. Being cloud-based, it is more scalable and cost-effective than traditional Dentrix. It includes all of the essential features you need for dental practice management and also introduces a new streamlined workflow and a simplified user interface. However, while you also get the trusted reputation that comes with the Dentrix name, a large company like this can feel less personal and in our case, less responsive compared to a smaller provider like Curve Dental.

Total Dental is an all-in-one practice management and electronic health records EHR solution. You get a lot for your dollar with this web-based dental PM and EHR software system, and the impressive backgrounds of the company executives let you know there is significant industry expertise backing this product. You can learn more about Total Dental in this video and try out a live demo if they sound like a good bet to you. Denticon was first to the cloud ten years ago and built from the ground up as a multi-location, enterprise practice management software solution.

While the software is very robust and in use at a broad variety of dental groups, it is intuitive enough for solo practices too. Planet DDS offers its Denticon software on a monthly subscription basis, with very little up-front cost, unlike traditional desktop software. Denticon is a comprehensive online dental PM solution with lots of useful features. However, it would be nice to see a little more pricing transparency on their website, but in recent years they seem to have gone the way of higher-end dental PM software like Dentrix and are now more vague on this topic.

O verview: Dovetail is a complete, web-based dental practice management and dental health record solution designed primarily for tablet use though it works on any device. The software is sleek and simple and allows your single- or multi-location dental practice to go completely paperless. You can even use it to process payments from a tablet or another mobile device. Reviewers confirm that the software is very easy to use. If your dedicated success coach is not available, they have a support team available to answer product questions via e-mail, telephone, remote desktop and live chat.

However, some reviewers say support can be slow to respond. We were able to reach the company at support dovetail. Dovetail would be a good choice for a smaller, high-tech dental practice that want to go completely paperless — or even completely mobile. Essentially, it allows you to run your entire practice from your iPad.

They also take online security very seriously. Ideally, we would like to see the company offer better support channels, particularly when mobile payments are involved. It is also too bad that no longer offer more affordable packages for single-dentist practices.

Dentisoft is cloud-based dental office management software with an intuitive web-based interface that works on any device. Following the SaaS trend for dental management software, web-based Dentisoft is offered via a monthly subscription, which is less costly than PC-based systems. Additionally, unlike many systems that charge for each user, with Dentisoft you get unlimited access for one flat price. They also offer a free starter plan. Key Features: Find a full list of features offered in each package here. Contact Dentisoft for more details and pricing.

With unlimited users and loads of handy features, Dentisoft is a cost-effective and comprehensive web-based dental PM software solution for multi-user dental practices. They also offer multiple support channels and cool added features like Facebook integration and some marketing features. Easy Dental is a straightforward, proprietary dental PM software product. While you will need to host this on-premises software on your own equipment, it includes some web features, like online payments and online data backups.

Easy Dental also features credit card processing services. It is one of the more commonly used dental PM software suites — according to their website, more than 20, practices use it. Like most Henry Schein software, Easy Dental is a quality proprietary program that will represent a significant investment of time and money. It also has the limitations of traditional on-premises software and it must be run on Windows, etc. However, Easy Dental also has some useful online features like online data backup.

Axex Dental is a hybrid dental PM software system with a slightly different model than the others reviewed here. With Axex Dental, you purchase a dedicated server with the software installed, but once you have the system set up, you can access it from any internet-connected device. We educate via tutorials online. Actually, I am in the middle of doing a tutorial video on Accounts right as you LiveChatted in! All of our training will be available on YouTube video tutorials, gotomeeting.

We are in the process of overhauling our website to a CMS site and should be releasing it in the next few weeks. It will have links to all of the tutorials plus blogs, forums, etc. Key features: Additionally, they offer the benefits of both cloud and on-premises software — for instance, you can still use the software even if your internet goes down. They are initially pricier than some cloud-based options, but considering that you also get your own dedicated server, you actually could save money with Axex versus some on-premises software suites without missing out on web-based features.

Datacon is another hybrid dental PM solution that combines an on-premises server with online data storage and mobile connectivity. Datacon offers a complete suite of features, and works with both Macs and PCs — even both at the same time. Datacon has some useful paperless office features and will also integrate with just about any dental software program.

We price our software based on the number of connected workstations. This provides the opportunity for a new dentist or small practice to enjoy all of the features utilized by our larger multi-location practices. The current pricing structure is as follows: This training does not accrue and expires at the end of each quarter.

We will post a maximum of one credit for training per quarter for training included with support. Additional training may be purchased as needed. Datacon is an advanced, all-in-one dental practice management software that provides the advantages of both on-premise and cloud-based services. Once you learn it, it is easy to use and integrates well with other dental software. It is also a scalable solution that will work well for both small practices and large practices with multiple locations.

After reading the blog post, this chart should help you determine the best patient management software. Service model. Operating system. How easy to learn. Request A Quote. Viive by Henry Schein — Proprietary software with some online features specifically for Mac.

Yapi — Paperless, mobile dental PM software, comparable to Dovetail. Eaglesoft by Patterson — Proprietary software with some online features , with focus on personalization. Open Dental — Open-source dental practice management software. In addition to Dentisoft , another example of a freemium dental software solution is tab This software offers free dental EHR, appointment scheduling, charting, treatment planning, and other features; however, it has no customer support and claims are limited at the free level.

Other providers offer a free trial version that has all or most of the features, but limit you in the number of patients you can add for example, a maximum of 30 patients. Setmore is another solution used by dentists; it offers free unlimited appointment scheduling, but no dental PM features. For more advice on issues involved with running a dental practice, be sure to stay tuned to our blog. You can also consult this "Inside Dentistry" article for further guidance on dental practice management comparisons. Tyson Downs, the owner of Titan Web Agency, has years of experience working with small businesses and helping them meet their revenues goals.

Tyson is a graduate of Brigham Young University, the father of 5, and a passionate bodybuilder. Hey Mr Downs. Dr J here, I really enjoyed the blog. In other words. Pay a one time fee for the software. IT is far superior to Dentrix and many others you have listed. What was your criteria for leaving it off your list? Yes there are dental software programs out there that do not charge monthly.

Try iDentalSoft Inc. Good luck, here is there website… http: Only having to pay a one-time fee for dental software would be great, but I find that the recurring monthly fees are usually to pay for a crucial feature like support, online appointments or server rentals. Have a look for yourself at https: A good synopsis of the dental software market, Travis. Specific to Curve Dental training, we have found that remote training as opposed to in-office training is more efficient and the retention is better.

With respect, in-office training is a leftover from the s. Learn more about DoctorMeow.

Dental Practice Software

Practice management software. Learn more about EasyDent. Fully featured, fully supported software for all dental practices. Learn more about Pearl Dental Software. Powerful and affordable practice management software that is easy to learn giving you total control over your data. Learn more about Prime Dental. Provides a feature-rich range of options plus the capability for advanced practice management software integration. Learn more about Prof. Features include appointment book, treatment planning, patient management, charting and clinical history.

Learn more about Systems for Dentists. Learn more about XLDent. A complete dental management system designed to cater for the needs of any modern practice. Learn more about Bridge-IT. Patient management Software used to maintain the entire clinical Administration. Learn more about DentOrg. Learn more about iKlyk. Dental software built on Microsoft SQL database for security and stability, charting and digital signatures. Learn more about LiveDDM. Includes Scheduling, Billing and Claims Modules.

Windows Based, Multi-User. Learn more about OmegaPrax Dental. World's leading dental software with components for education, imaging, forms, note-taking, patient history, and more. Software used to manage patient accounts, appointments, tooth charting, recalls, and management reports. Learn more about Acclaim Dental Software.

Dental practice management software with appointment book, letter writing tools, employee time clock, and claims processing automation. Learn more about AlphaDent. Dental practice management software. Learn more about AltaPoint Dental. Simple Customizable Wireless and Affordable The new way to communicate in your office. Learn more about AltoSignal. AudaxCeph automates common tasks such as manual tracing. Learn more about AudaxCeph. CareCru is the creator of Donna, a virtual dental practice assistant that helps grow and manage your practice Learn more about CareCru.

CareCru is the creator of Donna, a virtual dental practice assistant that helps grow and manage your practice. An imaging software for image capture, viewing and storage that comes with a variety of image enhancement tools. Scans your appointment book and automatically sends an email to your patients reminding them about their upcoming appointment. Learn more about Confirm By Email. Predictive and historical analytics for your dental practice. Learn more about databot. Dental practice management solution with features such as record automation, email alerts, patient registration, and more.

Learn more about DDS Dashboard. Chart notes creation system that utilizes knowledge-based check lists for better records and enhanced diagnosis. Learn more about DecisionBase. A dental portable application that comes preinstalled in a flash disk and runs without requiring installation Learn more about Dent-O-Soft. A dental portable application that comes preinstalled in a flash disk and runs without requiring installation.

Dental software that handles appointment book, periodontal charting, practice marketing, patient details, etc. Learn more about Dental EMR. Learn more about Dental Office Manager Studio. Practice management software with family information, electronic insurance filing, confirmation lists for the family-focused practices.

Single platform for the entry of patient dental information. Learn more about Dental Record Manager Plus. The best dental clinic management software. Learn more about DentaLore. Windows dental practice PC software that includes billing, insurance and scheduling. Learn more about DentalPro. Providing dentists with quality practice managment software and clinical solutions for over 29 years.

Create reliable record keeping with digital signatures. Seamlessly integrates with most patient management systems. Learn more about DentForms. Digitize your dental practice! Learn more about Dentiflow. A 5-in-1 software solution that includes appointment requests, verified patient reviews, website builder, email marketing and CMS. Learn more about Dentistreet Marketing Suite.

Learn more about DentSoft-Rx. Dental clinic management software for practice management in solo, multi speciality and corporate dental clinics. Learn more about Doctor Assist. Windows-based practice management software that offers treatment planning, periodontal charting and analysis. Learn more about DOM. Cephalometric analysis software with image morphing, case presentation, diagnosis summary, photo records and letters with images. Learn more about Dr. Enables the dentist or hygienist to write detailed, accurate and fast patient clinical notes.

Learn more about Easy Notes Pro. With lightweight training demands and super easy to use interfaces you'll be in love with your new electronic health records software. Learn more about EHR1.

Learn more about ePatient. Web-based dental lab management system with production management, scheduling, audit trail, invoicing, and billing capabilities. Learn more about Evident. Offers very user-friendly, intelligent software that thinks and automates the mission-critical operations of the dental practice. Learn more about ExcelDent. Dental practice management software with a full range of clinical functions.

Learn more about Genesis Dental. SaaS-based solution that helps dental practices enforce positive behavior among patients, build their loyalty and grow their business. Learn more about Modento. Practice management software that includes appointment scheduling, billing and income control, xray images administartion capabilities.

Cloud-Based Mac Dental Software | Dentrix Ascend

Learn more about MyDental. An integrated solution that is designed to work as a unified tool that addresses front office, clinical treatment and finances. Learn more about NetDent. Cloud based solution for dentists with features such as multiple practice management, appointment scheduling, reminders, and analytics.

Learn more about Odonto. Dental office software. Now available by subscription license. Learn more about Office-Partner Dental Software. Windows-based Digital Cephalometric Imaging solution that helps businesses with patient education, diagnostics, and treatment planning. Learn more about Onyx Ceph. Complete Orthodontist software that includes scheduling, check-in, video imaging, digital charts, scanning, and credit card processing.

Learn more about OrthoChart. Software offering that provides online patient information management and engagement system to create loyal patient base for dentists. Learn more about Paperless De ntists. Comprehensive module-based dental practice management system with features such as appointment booking and patients records. Learn more about Paradigm. Uniquely facilitates the creation of 3D animated templates and personalized treatment plans at the touch of a button!

Learn more about PlanMaster3D. Practice management, appt. Learn more about PracticeCompass. ERP solution for dental clinics to manage functions such as payroll, appointment scheduling, and billing. Learn more about Progident. Allows you to enter in insurance payments, and view the total amount of insurance payments received for any given day. Learn more about Pure Chart.

Dental Software for the Enlightened Mac-Based Dental Office

RecallMax can bring your practice jumbo productivity, big-time support, and impactful multi-practice insights that maximize revenue. Learn more about RecallMax. A cloud-based practice management software specifically designed for pediatric dentists, that eliminates frustrating work-arounds. Learn more about Sassy Dental. Treatment planning tools that enables 3D palnning, bone density assessement, 3D transparency capabilities for dental surgeons.

Learn more about SimPlant GO. Electronic appointment book, insurance management, patient billing, treatment planning, patient recall, and more. Learn more about SuzyDental 4. Learn more about The Dental System. Learn more about Track An application for effective dental lab management, improvement of the efficiency of work processes, and the lab's profit optimization. Learn more about Trinyte. Ultimo is a smart and simple dental practice management software for Australian practices of all shapes and sizes.

Learn more about Ultimo Dental Software. An intra-office communication system for dental, medical, eye-care, and chiropractic offices.

New Solution Enables Practice Growth to Mac Users

Increasing focus on reporting. Learn more about Sassy Dental. Dental imaging. Learn more about VisDental. Software used to manage patient accounts, appointments, tooth charting, recalls, and management reports. MacPractice has developed a portfolio of best-in-class Charting , Digital Radiography , EDR , Perio and more abilities giving you options to mix-and-match products to best suit your practice requirements and individual preferences.

Offers paging,messaging, and texting. Learn more about Venga. The Mac Solution for dental practice management with simplified access to all patient information on a single screen. Learn more about Viive. A cutting edge dental solution with features such as referral tracking, financial analytics, and practice management.

Learn more about VisDental. Learn more about Visual Orthodontics. Comprehensive practice system with world-leading image-based charting, no need to know codes. Easiest to learn and use, by far! Learn more about YuMe Practice. A remote access solution that is designed to increase network speed and collaboration for dental practices with more than one office.

Learn more about ZOMO solution. Dental practice software manages dental practice operations including billing, accounting and scheduling. Compare product reviews and features to build your list.

Free Dentist Software Solutions

Narrow results by: Reset all filters. Sort by: You have selected the maximum of 4 products to compare Add to Compare. BookSteam by BookSteam 79 reviews. Learn more about BookSteam BookSteam is a cloud-based dental software aimed at small and large businesses worldwide.

EagleSoft by Patterson Dental Supply 78 reviews. View Profile. Learn more about EagleSoft Will provide specialized time-savings tools to assist practitioners with each patient visit, from check-in to walkout. Dentrix Ascend by Henry Schein One 76 reviews. Cloud dental software designed for you Learn more about Dentrix Ascend Cloud dental software designed for you Learn more about Dentrix Ascend Cloud dental software designed for you. Open Dental by Open Dental Software 40 reviews. Bestosys by Bestosys Solutions 32 reviews.

DentalCareLinks by Dental Links 21 reviews. Learn more about DentalCareLinks Online platform designed to make it easy for dental professionals to manage the patient referral process. Reservio by Reservio 21 reviews. Learn more about Reservio Reservio is appointment scheduling and online booking software carefully optimized for over 70 business categories. Yocale by Yocale 15 reviews.

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Convenient scheduling, client management, marketing, reporting, and all the full-service tools that fit your business needs Learn more about Yocale Convenient scheduling, client management, marketing, reporting, and all the full-service tools that fit your business needs Learn more about Yocale Convenient scheduling, client management, marketing, reporting, and all the full-service tools that fit your business needs. Dolphin Management by Dolphin Imaging 15 reviews.

Learn more about Dolphin Management Enables you to efficiently manage your dental practice-especially with high patient loads, multiple locations or multiple doctors. Learn more about ABELDent Offers superior management functionality for administration, billing, scheduling, treatment planning, clinical records and reporting.

AeronaDental by Aerona Software Systems 13 reviews. Learn more about EXACT V12 An intelligent and powerful practice management system that delivers efficiency and enhances business performance. Lighthouse by Lighthouse PMG 12 reviews. Learn more about Lighthouse Lighthouse provides a comprehensive, automated practice management and patient communication solution for offices of any size.

Weave by Weave 11 reviews. Learn more about Weave Weave integrates communication technology with front office efficiency. Learn more about YAPI Enables dental teams to instantly receive, visualize and share relevant patient information and take immediate action.

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Easy Dental by Easy Dental 8 reviews. Learn more about Easy Dental Dental office management system. Learn more about Diamond Dental Software Dental software written by a dentist, for dentists. Learn more about Planmeca Romexis Dental imaging software for all types and sizes of practices that supports a wide range of 2D and 3D image formats. Learn more about axiUm Modular dental management software that includes electronic health record, scheduling, and chart tracking.

Learn more about EZ Dental Software Front office dental practice management software for billing, scheduling and recall. Dentally by Dentally 4 reviews. Learn more about Dentally Cloud based dental practice management software to automate customer support, communication, analytics, and more.

DentalWriter by Nierman Practice Management 4 reviews. Pappyjoe by Dr. Toms International 4 reviews. Learn more about VixWin Platinum Digital radiology workflow solution that provides clear and detailed images for any practice size. RevenueWell by RevenueWell 3 reviews. Learn more about RevenueWell A dental communication solution including automatic communication, appointment reminders, patient portal, social media, and more. DentalMaster by MD Simulation 3 reviews.

Learn more about DentalMaster Patient education and 3D simulation solutions for dental practices. Learn more about Saral Dental Soft Manages patient details, medical history, drug Sensitivity along with photograph and appointment, label printing, etc. Dental Plus by DentalPlus 2 reviews. Learn more about Dental Plus Practice management software with treatment charting, patient communication tools, patient financials management, system remote access.

Dentem by Dentem 2 reviews. Insurance Answers Plus by Dental Systems 2 reviews. Learn more about Insurance Answers Plus Complete dental benefit plan information on local, state, and national employers including deductibles, percentages, etc. Learn more about iSmile Dental Software An easy to use dental practice management software, intuitive, efficient and dynamic.

LabStar by SoundBite Technology 2 reviews. Praktika by Lizard Software 2 reviews. Learn more about The Complete Exam Dental clinical management software that collects, encrypts and saves all data necessary for an electronic patient chart. Dens PC by Medikont 2 reviews. Evolution by Atlanta Based Systems 2 reviews. Learn more about Evolution Dental lab and customer relationship management system with case management, scheduling, accounts receivable, marketing tools.

Daisy by DMC Dental 2 reviews. Learn more about Daisy Digital X-ray equipment, computer hardware and support, and full-featured dental practice management software for the modern dentist. Denefits by A1 Healthcare Technologies 2 reviews. Learn more about Denefits A Healthcare software solution for doctors to manage patient financing and enhancing their business. ViewPoint by Ortho 2 2 reviews. Learn more about ViewPoint Practice management system with imaging, communication capabilities and a collection of time-saving tools.