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French Script MT


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    He leveled the rifle on the boulder, seeing a head rise slowly above the edge of the rock.

    Font release note

    Just don't change it in any way. Summitsoft does not warrant the performance or results you get from using the fonts. By opening this package or downloading these font files from the internet you agree to accept the terms of this agreement. You agree not to infringe on Summitsoft trademarks or tradenames. No Unauthorized CopyingYou may not copy or duplicate Summitsoft fonts in any form except for backup purposes. Packages AdoreMonoWBd.

    He heard a voice urging the animal forward--plead- ing, threatening. What were they revealing to us with each new murder. Supporting himself on one hand only, he could balance rocks and fallen tree boles with ease. Vassily, watched by an increasingly irritated hugo, was still calling blandishments and imprecations in vain through the locked door.

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